MK Agro is a locally-owned and operated retail in southern Manitoba, specializing in agronomy, seed retail and delivery, custom planting and seed plans, aerial application, custom seed treating, marketing assistance and financing options. At MK Agro, you will find knowledgeable and respectful staff ready to help you with any agriculture concern. We pride ourselves on being transparent when it comes to our programs and services, and have our customers’ best interests at heart.



MK Agro is a trusted partner of GJ Chemical, Dale Air, Friesen Seeds and SJ Agronomy. They all share the same community values that keep southern Manitoba united and strong.


MK Agro was opened in October of 2010 by Benji MacLean and Paul Kaminsky near Brunkild, Manitoba. MacLean and Kaminsky opened MK Agro because there was a need for an independent ag retail for independent minded producers.  MK now has one of the largest CPIC warehouses in the area and have also expanded with a seed treatment facility.